About us

Royal Dirkzwager

Eyes & ears of the maritime world

Thinking in solutions for the challenges in the maritime and logistics sector. That is what has moved Royal Dirkzwager since 1872. By cleverly combining services such as monitoring, reporting, communication services  we always know how to make the best combination between people and organizations. Whether it is about saving time and money, ensuring the safety of people and equipment at sea or reducing the burden on the environment.

We started as a ship reporting company and over the years we have further expanded our service package. Every day we provide more than 800 organizations in the maritime sector with up-to-date information. Every year we guide more than 200,000 ship movements. Well before arrival until gangway down, we inform the entire port community about the estimated time of arrival (ETA), the availability of nautical services and the berth.


Why we do what we do

We work with the belief that the correct interpretation, combination and translation of maritime data can be of vital importance. A lot of maritime data is now freely available. However, keeping an overview of all this data and interpreting it correctly, combining it and processing it into valuable information is professional work. And Royal Dirkzwager understands that profession like no other.


Our Core Values

Over the past 147 years we have developed a number of core values ​​with regard to our services: reliable, alert, innovative and together. These core values ​​make it possible for us to resolve the issues of our clients satisfactorily.


Reliable: we are ready for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide them with information and systems that allow them to make choices with confidence. We do this independently and honestly. Customers can always trust our information and our discretion: we treat sensitive information confidentially.

Together: we know what is going on in the market and we know our customers. Together with our customers we constantly improve our services and products. Two know more than one. We are actively looking for partners to further broaden our services and explore new markets.

Innovative: we make smart use of our insights into the market and use the expertise of our people and technology to further improve our services. In this way we strengthen our leading position.

Alert: we are alert to opportunities and risks for customers and act accordingly.

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